The Art of Computer Programming (0) - introduction

With less school course lately, I had time to read this series of books called ‘The Art of Computer Programming’, which is without a doubt the bible of the computer science community. The reason I started reading this book was because my friend Rogister recommended it to me, so I purchased it just about one year ago. But for variety reasons, I procrastinate for a long time, so that it was only after taking the first IELTS test recently that I had the time to pay a visit.

Open this book and turn the first page, there was a page of comments from various famous people about the book, and one of them said, “If you think you’re a good programmer, go read Goldner’s The Art of Computer Programming, and if you do get through it, you’ll no doubt send me a resume!

This sentence cames from Bill Gates.

And for a long-term plan, I’ll place the reading notes to the coming posts.

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